WHO NEEDS A ViraClinAir®?

Especially for those branches that have suffered from Corona most.

The ViraClinAir® room air purifier has been  developed to  remove  germs from used  air in  rooms from 50 to 200 square meters. It is easy to assemble and offers an attractive price-performance ratio that is also affordable and, above all, easy to retrofit for smaller businesses such as restaurants, fitness studios and schools.
Best to be installed in restaurants, schools, conference- and seminar rooms as well as offices.

ViraClinAir® is an fullautomatic air purifier,
developed in Germany to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.
Made in Switzerland. 

Technologie Park
Breslauer Str. 2b,
85386 D-Eching

 Email : info@viraclinair.com


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