Why to use ViraClinAir®?

Because it closes functional gaps and provides security

The ViraClinAir® room air purifier does away with all previous performance and effectiveness concerns of conventional virucidal air purifiers. It can be easily set up in meeting rooms of all kinds and immediately prevents possible corona infections by preventing the virus from being transmitted via aerosols.
In contrast to previous new "Corona" air purifiers:
  • ViraClinAir® generates a significantly stronger air exchange with a low sound level
  • With special air nozzles on the ceiling, ViraClinAir® ensures that the cleaned air is evenly distributed in the room
  • Prevents ViraClinAir® side air currents that can transmit viruses from one person to another.
  • ViraClinAir® fulfills a 6 to 20-fold air change rate per hour
  • Is ViraClinAir® also suitable for larger rooms up to 200 square meters with a changing and sometimes larger number of people, such as in classrooms or restaurants
  • ViraClinAir® monitors the air quality by sensor with alarm functions
  • ViraClinAir® constantly controls its filter and disinfection functions by sensor
  • ViraClinAir® disinfects itself before changing the filter.
  • The ViraClinAir® can be provided with a connection for fresh air supply.

ViraClinAir® is an fullautomatic air purifier,
developed in Germany to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.
Made in Switzerland. 

Technologie Park
Breslauer Str. 2b,
85386 D-Eching

 Email : info@viraclinair.com


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