Air movement through the whole room generated by the
ViraClinAir® type VAC 3 and VAC 4 in toroidal form using the Coandâ effect.


How does ViraClinAir® achieve its patented air flow?

ViraClinAir® uses various air flow effects to direct the air in the room in a toroidal shape from top to bottom, thus preventing the horizontal exchange of breathing air from person to person.

  • The Coanda Effect. This leaves the air relatively free of turbulence on the ceiling and floor. Using this effect ensures that the air on the ceiling runs to the next wall and flows down there. On the floor, the air flows back to the intake opening of the ventilation. The external air circuit fills the entire room.

  • The air movement in the room is similar to a toroid, the ceilings, the walls and the floor are used as an interference-free path by the Coanda effects. Lateral air currents emanate from this flow and turbulence forms, which ventilate the entire room.

  • Laminar currents arise at the nozzles of the ViraClinAir®. After a certain distance they change into a turbulent flow, so that the middle room can also be supplied with a good exchange of air.

  • There are also cross nozzles that blow off the inner space

At the same time, the device also ensures optimal distribution of cleaned air in the room.


The following modifications are available:

1. Positioning in the middle of the room

Standard version for positioning in the middle of the room

2. Positioning in the middle of the room

Positioning in the middle of the room with ViraClinAir® VAC3 / 4 –W angle attachment

3. Positioning in the corner of the room

Positioning in the corner of the room with ViraClinAir® VAC3 / 4 -W

ViraClinAir® is an fullautomatic air purifier,
developed in Germany to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.
Made in Switzerland. 

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