The Power model ViraClinAir® VAC4

What is a ViraClinAir®?

The first computer-controlled room air purifier of its kind

ViraClinAir® is the first computer-controlled Indoor air purifier of its kind. He is capable of All the air in a room is closed in a very short time clean and keep the air virucidal and disinfectant treat. ViraClinAir® can be excellently integrated into the retrofitting a wide variety of rooms offers a very good value for money and was made special for use in the Corona crisis in Germany developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

ViraClinAir® is an fullautomatic air purifier,
developed in Germany to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.
Made in Switzerland. 

Technologie Park
Breslauer Str. 2b,
85386 D-Eching

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